Between Jobs


The American Job Center Ultimate Employment Guide is for entry-level jobseekers, seasoned jobseekers between jobs, those who have been away from the workforce for a period of time, and individuals making a career change. It provides job seekers the basics for finding employment and helps them do the following:

  • Pinpoint their employability skills
  • Explore job searching tools most used to find work
  • Uncover the skills needed to obtain employment
  • Identify ways to remain positive throughout the process
  • Thrive in a new work environment
  • Connect with additional resources and information

This guide also provides information on identifying skills, using the Internet for job search, résumé development, and information on preparing for an interview. Also, registering with the Maryland Workforce Exchange Virtual One Stop (MWE-VOS), the state’s jobs database at, is strongly encouraged. Useful information may be found here covering topics such as portfolios, résumés and cover letters, job application forms, interview preparation, and much more.


Helpful Information for Unemployed Workers in Maryland